The concept

behind MegaRexx.

Every “Mega” will be unique.


They will each go through the conversion process that has become a very standard and fine tuned procedure, but after that, the options are endless.


Let me tell you a little about the Megarexx conversion process. The fun begins by starting out with a brand new Ford Superduty purchased directly by us from a local authorized Ford Dealership.

We will start from the ground up. Each MEGA will be rolling on the best name in tires, Michelin. We mount them on military MRAP wheels rated at 10,000lbs. The tires are also "G" rated so weight is no issue for a MEGA. These rims are broken down, cleaned, sanded, and painted. Then the 46in tires are mounted. We balance them for smooth operation on the highway on a special machine designed exclusively by Hunter for these large radial tires.


Now that we have those gigantic 46in tires mounted and balanced, each axle is re-geared to a 4.88 gear ratio, so that no loss of power is felt and that diesel engine has no problems pulling the larger tires.


I bet you are wondering how big of a lift kit we have to go with to cram a 46” tire under the truck. Well, actually we only put a mild 4” lift to level the truck and to keep the center of gravity low, a wider track to keep stability when cornering and longer shocks in the front and rear.


The key to a great all around truck is to LIFT the differentials/axles, (with larger tires) so they clear rocks, snow, mud and other obstacles. The tires are also wider than stock, which help to prevent the tire from sinking into mud, etc. At the same time, our patented fiberglass body design allows you to run these larger tires with little lift. We move the front axle forward for several reasons. Not only to clear the firewall with the larger tire, but longer travel suspension for much better offroad capability.


The low center of gravity allows the MEGA to do what it was designed to do. Keep the ability to tow.


Once all of the pieces come together, your new MEGA is ready for paint. Once painted, it is rolled out and custom accessories are added. Because of extensive changes to the body, normal accessories do not fit the truck. Don’t worry.


We thought of that. We partnered with big name accessory companies to private label our branded accessories to fit only our builds.


So you can still have that custom bumper and winch that you’ve always wanted along with lights, roof rack, train horns, tire carrier, tonneau cover, or anything else you can think of or would ever want. We even have our own custom designed projector that will illuminate the ground with the MEGAREXX logo.


These are not products that you can buy just anywhere and they will only fit the Megarexx Trucks.

516 S. Interstate 35E, Denton, TX 76205


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